Jogging Track


A beautiful Jogging Track covering an area of around 8 acres amongst different varieties of Hibiscus shrubs attracts the members either early morning and/or evening hours for walks and joggs while breathing in healthy air.

When walking along a gently winding track set amidst lush greenery, beautiful, historically rich buildings and a lawn on one side and the Adyar river lapping against the shore on the other, a cool breeze ruffling your hair and the twittering of birds on trees, all amounting to sheer bliss! The Madras Club Jogging/Walking Track is a 500-metre long haven.

The fact that the track is laid using sand and clay makes it much easier on the joints as opposed to a synthetic or asphalt track. A couple of benches dot the sides of the track so that users can sit and rest their limbs for a while before taking off again. Drinking water and fresh paper cups are provided in a small rest area at the entrance to the track. The timings are convenient, so you can still catch up on your exercise after a long and hard day’s work. Outdoor lights are placed at regular intervals around the track for illumination after sunset.

Jogging Track Gallery