Adyar Bar


Adyar Bar

This is the main bar of the club and features a very wide range of Indian and imported spirits, beers and wines. With both an informal and a formal section it caters to the sports players as well as the formal entertainment segment. With the billiards room adjacent to it the ambience of this space is very special. As it is also located next to the River Room, members can move from the bar to the dining room as soon as they are ready to do so.

The Octagonal Room lounge & Bar

This is a naturally ventilated and glorious eight sided room situated under the soaring Moubrays Cupola which is the signature feature of our Club building.

Open between 6p.m. and 11p.m. every day and is a reading lounge – cum – snack and liquor bar. A verandah live counter serves a variety of non vegetarian and vegetarian short eats, and the bar stocks the entire range as available in the Main Adyar Bar. Naturally, full service of teas, coffees and other soft drinks are available too.

Comfortable sofas and standing lights make it a relaxing area to catch up on reading and some light refreshments. Dress restrictions apply and it is not accessible for children after 7p.m.

Adyar Bar Gallery