The Library Committee has formed a Sub-Committee for Children. Shaan Katari Libby is the link to the main library sub-committee, and has just been joined by the following members to make up this offshoot. The members are: Maithreyi Chummar, Aparna Mukerjee, Madhuri Rekhi, Neha Ryan, Shalini Sashidharan and Kanika Subbiah.

They are all parents of young children of varying ages, and would appreciate your suggestions, ideas, offers of help, and any other inputs via e-mail to Please title your mail ‘For the Children’s Corner’

We are focussing on adding to the children’s section in the library including the décor. In terms of activities we will focus on all things cerebral – including anything to do with books, writing, thinking, memorizing, etc. This would include stories, poetry recitation, debates, quizzes, plays, etc.

Here is a snapshot of some of the things we are doing, and some that we hope to do. The main point to convey is that we exist here in the club, and are keen to make the library/ reading/ learning fun whilst at the same time meeting other children in the club to form lifelong attachments. If you have ideas to contribute, then please do communicate with us!

Regular events (any cancellations will be communicated via notices)

‘Stories and more…’ (Ages 7 and below)

First Saturday of every month, at the far end of the pool. 4.45pm-6pm.

Different members are requested to read to our littlest ones We tend to focus on a particular author or theme – Julia Donaldson, Eric Carle, Tulikha books, Dr.Seuss, and so on. We also try to do a related craft activity so that each child goes home with something he/she has made! A child-friendly snack bar is available with fish fingers, sandwiches, juices.

If you can volunteer to read for a certain month, we would be delighted!

Organisers: Shalini Sashidharan, Neha Ryan, Shaan Libby

Childrens’ book discussions and talks aimed at children/quizzes (Ages 5-15)

Third Sunday of every month (10.30am- noon)

Similar to our adult book discussion series, we would like to be able to discuss some of the good childrens’ books with our young members, but thought we would perhaps intersperse these with interesting talks such as how a film is made (get a film-maker to talk about it), or a theatre workshop, or a quiz for children only…

Organisers: Maithreyi Chummar, Madhuri Rekhi

Ad hoc events:

‘ (ALMOST) A MIDNIGHT FEAST…!’ Aerobics Room (7pm-8pm)

We hope to run these every 2-3 months.

Children should consider joining us for hot chocolate and biscuits to hear amazing stories by our members. Stories could be slightly frightening for younger ones.

Organisers: Aparna Mukerjee & Kanika Subbiah

Nature walks

We hope to run these every 2-3 months.

A love and respect for nature is a solid foundation for a responsible future generation. It is also a lot of fun whilst learning. After one well-attended nature walk in the club premises in mid-July 2010, we hope to run more of these – R.Chandrasekar from the main library committee is the organiser. Suggested venues are Theosophical Society, Guindy Park, Adyar Poongai. ..

To reiterate, there is lots happening, and a lot more that could happen with more ideas and more help in implementing them. We hope to put on a play in time for Children’s Day, so watch this space (or rather keep checking the club calendar)!

For full details of what are planning for this month and the next month, please click on this link to the main club calendar:

(Look out for the following icon for library events: )

Vijay Narayan